Halo Bulletin: 2.2.12

Its late then usual but the Halo Bulletin is now live. It looks like February will bring some loving to the matchmaking for Reach, with a matchmaking update coming soon. You can see the updates go live on February 7. Another big thing in the bulletin is what’s next for Halo Waypoint. You can see what the update for the matchmaking will be like down below. Read the full Halo Bulletin here.
• Grifball updated.

Map changes include Radiant being removed and Impact Arena (Grifball) and Sierra Vista (Grifball Dash) being added. One additional change to this playlist is that Blargball variants will now appear in voting slot three only. Semi-related, to vote for that choice, you must say “wort wort wort” into your mic while simultaneously selecting that option. Please note that saying “wart wart wart” will render your selection null and void.

• Squad DLC updated.

Squad DLC’s population is dangerously low. To breathe some life into this list, we’re making a few changes. Anniversary maps have been set to optional, and Noble and Defiant maps continue to be required. We have also heard your concerns in regard to a few achievement-friendly game types still being difficult to find. In response to that, we’ve added the following objective game types to voting slot three:

Multiflag on Highlands, 1 Flag on Highlands, 1 Flag on Condemned, Invasion on Breakpoint, Crazy King in Breakpoint, 1 Flag on Breakpoint, 1 Flag on Tempest, Multiflag on Tempest, Crazy King on Tempest, Neutral Bomb on Tempest, Multiflag on Condemned, Crazy King on Condemned, Crazy King on High Noon, 1 Flag on High Noon, Crazy King on Breakneck, 1 Flag on Breakneck, Stockpile on Ridgeline, Neutral Bomb on Ridgeline, and Crazy King on Ridgeline.

• Rumble Pit updated to TU settings.

TU game types are our standard Reach Matchmaking settings with the Title Update changes. Those changes are: damage bleed enabled, modified reticle bloom, sword block removed, Armor Lock modified, and Active Camo modified.

• Infection updated.

Map changes include Sword Base being removed and Uncaged replacing The Caged. Also, we’ve noticed some feedback coming from both matchmaking and internal playtests about players getting betrayed by teammates at the beginning of games. Since that sometimes results in a less advantageous respawn position, we’ve removed friendly fire in an attempt to cut down on that particular form of griefing.

P.S. One final effort is all that remaaaaaaains, so please, dear players, just focus on the braaaaaains.

• Banshee replaced with Revenant on Breakneck.

The classic Gauss ’Hog vs. Banshee battle on Headlong will continue. We bid adieu to the flying purple thing on Breakneck, though, and welcome its hovering brethren in its place!

• Rocket ’Hog Race weighting reduced in Multi Team.

I think this game type should be renamed “Spawn in the Passenger Seat Every -Yoinking- Time.” That has absolutely nothing to do with the reweighting, by the way. I just don’t want the impending name change to take you by surprise.

• Zero Bloom moved to Competitive category, and Beta category hidden.

Zero Bloom Slayer is popular enough to be moved to the Competitive category. We’re working on what will be in the Beta category next, but it needs a little more time to marinate in order to reach its maximum important status. Keep an eye out for its return in the near future.

• Classic game types removed from Anniversary Squad, and One Bomb Damnation moved to Anniversary Classic.

Classic game types are being removed from Anniversary Squad, and One Bomb Damnation is moving to Anniversary Classic. What? I already said that? Fine then. Moving on.

• Team Slayer changes. Make your voice heard!

We are in the process of deciding if the Team Slayer playlist will be updated to TU settings. This continues to be one of the most popular playlists, so we are not taking this decision lightly. In an effort to get player feedback that’s as accurate as possible, we are going to pull voting data over a two-week period.

Team Hotshot added to Action Sack.
Right about now you’re probably asking yourself, what is Team Hotshot? To answer that question, I grabbed the playlist designer that created this game type, and asked him a few questions.

Read the full Halo Bulletin———–>


Rumor: Halo 4 News Coming Soon?

Like we said in post a week ago, Halo 4 news or announcements have been dry. But that could change coming this month! Today, Hypertrooper a member from Neogaf posted saying: “The finnish magazine Pelaaja posted that Microsoft will hold a Spring Showcase on February 29th. They even specify that Halo 4 will be there.” The Xbox 360 Spring showcase was confirmed by IGN, and you can see the image of the invitation down below! This is still a rumor, so don’t get to excited, but I can’t wait to see if its true. Come back to Elders.TV for more updates.

Here is also the image put into the magazine:


What do you Think: Do you miss Halo 2?

I recently went back in time, and watched Halo 2 videos on YouTube. While watching a hearing those sweet battle rifles it brought back memories of a simple time. Halo 2 I have to say was the BEST game in the series so far. There where no armor ability’s, it was just plain fun. I was 9 or 10 when me and my brother would play Halo 2 for hours. I would only get 1 kill, and then die 100s of times. I thought to my self that this game was the best game ever. I could not stop playing it, and I eventually became pretty good. Halo 2 was where I truly found my love for Halo, and for the Xbox. Looking back the maps for Halo 2 were amazing; beaver creek, ascension, burial mounds, headlong, and waterworks are just some examples of the best maps made in the Halo series. Sadly 2 years ago Microsoft pulled the plug on Halo 2, and now Halo 2 will sleep forever. I’ll never forget Halo 2, I’ll always remember waking up on a summer morning, and playing Halo 2 for hours and hours.


Do you have fond memories of Halo 2? Why not share them down below in the comments, and don’t forget to vote down below!

Halo Spotlight: ATG (Anniversary Tournament Gaming)

I recently stumbled by ATG (a great Halo web site for Halo Anniversary tournaments) and I have to say I loved every minute when I was there. ATG provides gamers who love Anniversary to go head to head in tournaments. There website provides videos, info, great forums to talk your little heart out, and even sign your self up for a tournament! . I asked Derek (admin of ATG) to provide a little write up about his site which you can read down below, it provides great info and what you can expect from ATG. I would like to personally thank  the staff at ATG for this great opportunity to share their great website!

“Dear Elders.TV and Community,
First off, it’s an honor to be here today, featured as part of your Halo Spotlight series. We’re glad to be here, so thanks’ for having us.

So what is ATG Halo all about?

ATG Halo is entire website devoted to competitive gaming for players who enjoy the “Anniversary Classic” playlist (recently added on XBL under the gaming title, Halo Reach).

ATG Halo takes the Halo CE Anniversary experience to the next level. We provide gameplays, montages, forums, tournaments, cash and other prizes to the Halo CEA Community.

The Halo CEA Community at ATG has been growing rapidly. We recently concluded our first 1v1 tournament this past Sunday, January 22nd. Tournament footage is now up on the ATG YouTube Channel and at our Facebook page. We’d also like to take a moment for a quick shout-out to our first 1v1 champion, BC Conker! He faced a pretty intense match-up in the Finals against the player Pox EEEEEEEEEEE but managed to pull-through for the win. Overall, great gaming from both of these players!

With an upcoming 2v2 tournament this Sunday, and 4v4 plans on the horizon in February, ATG offers a variety of tournament sizes for players to choose from. On the ATG Forums players meet up for customs or work to develop the game settings and maps used in the tournaments at ATG Halo. Tournament maps include favorites from the Anniversary Classic map-pack as well as forge, user-created maps. For example, we brought back the long time classic and favorite map, Wizard (Warlock) for gameplay in our recent 1v1 tournament.

The ATG Halo website and our tournaments get the entire community involved. Whether it’s developing forge-maps, tournament settings, conducting polls, sharing video, refereeing tournaments, or providing website-feedback. The members of the ATG Community have a voice that is heard. At ATG Halo, we want players to enjoy gaming and tournaments to the fullest extent possible. Every tournament should become a memory and an experience. It’s not always about winning or losing. It’s about learning from every experience and having a chance to share what you’ve learned with others. This is how we all get better together, as a real community. But of course…a cash prize now and then for your work feels good too 😉


– The Staff at ATG Halo (Frequency, NugZ, Pox, Remix)”

Know your Halo Wars – Captain Cutter

Captain Cutter is our first lucky leader to be featured on “Know your Halo Wars.”

Captain Cutter Information:

  • Super Unit: ODST’s – You need 3 reactors to upgrade to ODST’s. ODST’s can be dropped 10 at a time, and costs 100 resources to do so.
  • Leader Power: Mac Blast – Costs 600 resources, and can be upgraded to 4 mac blasts in the field armory.
  • Unique Unit: Elephant – Elephant is a barracks on wheels. It can placed down, and pop out Marines, Flamers, or Spartans.
  • Special Bonus: New bases start as Stations and the starting base is a Fortress.

How to start off: 

For me it really depends on what map your playing. But on any map most of the time I start off with 4 supply pads. Then add 2 reactors in the back of the base, and build a barracks. I’ll than train 3 Spartans and begin to get my second base up in running. Once that base is complete I would build a 3rd reactor, or upgrade one on my first base. Remember to SCOUT around 4/5 minutes with your warthog, you want to see what the other opponents are building/training. Once you’ve scouted, make sure you make units that counter the unit they are making. So say they are making tanks for example, then you should start to build cobras as fast as you can. While building those cobras or any other unit you should start to train for ODST’s. If you even want you can start training in the field armory for the second mac blast or adding 10+ units.


Having a couple of units you should attack (make sure you have ODST’s trained) once attacking start dropping ODST’s.  Begin to take out reactors, vehicle depots, barracks, air pads, and if your even lucky take out there base.

I hope this will help you, and you can start to winning like a beast! Come back next Friday for the Arbiter!

Know your Halo Wars

I’ve played Halo Wars for a good solid month, and I’ve seen a lot of new recruits up for the challenge of playing against  generals. Well, I’m here to teach you young marines some tips and tricks on how you can start winning! Starting every Friday I’ll take each leader, and show you the best possible way to win. Look down below to see which leader is first and which is last.

January  27:

Captain Cutter

February 3:


February 10: Forge

February  17: Chieftain

February  24: Professor Anders

March 2: Prophet of Regret

What more info about Halo Wars? Click here!