What do you Think: What Year for Halo Wars 2?

I recently went back to Halo Wars, and I have to say I’m loving every second of it. Halo Wars in my opinion was a huge success.  Frank O’Connor even said that in an article. The article described that Halo Wars 2 could work on Kinect, but 343 said they are not working on Halo Wars 2, yet. Right now Halo Wars still has a huge fan base, but will they get what they want?

343 Not Making Halo Wars 2?

I first read about this in the Waypoint Forums, and this could be true. Right now 343 is busy with Halo 4, Halo 5, and Halo 6. So Ensemble/Robot Entertainment developed Halo Wars, and very well come back and create Halo Wars 2, nothing is impossible.

343 Making Halo Wars 2

343 making Halo Wars 2 makes more sense. 343 is busy making the new Halo trilogy, but I feel Halo Wars 2 could be developed by 343. My opinion I feel Halo Wars 2 could be released 2014 or 2015 by 343.



One comment

  1. Dominic santiago · October 29, 2012

    I got halo wars when it came out, played it for like a year but stopped like a year later because of all the other game releases, like the call of duty’s etc. But now in 2012 I decided to play it again, I’m loving it, nearly a brigadier alreadly, and now. I’m a lot better at stragety games, really want halo wars 2 to come out on 360 in 2013, would be great, and improvements I think would be the team ranks cause there not always fair aha.

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