343 Guilty Spark343 Guilty Spark is a rare example of Forerunner AI, and a major character in the Halo trilogy’s story arc. As both a friend and enemy, he holds one of the keys to Humanity’s survival.

ArbiterThe Arbiter in Halo 2 was previously an Elite Supreme Commander, having commanded the Fleet of Particular Justice, which destroys Reach and follows the Pillar of Autumn to Alpha Halo in Halo: Combat Evolved. However, after failing to stop the destruction of the first Halo ring, he is forced to don the ancient armor of the Arbiter, who follows the will of the prophets.

CortanaCortana is an artificial intelligence construct who accompanies the Master Chief throughout the Halo trilogy. She provides advice and orders via voice-over during Halo 1 and 2, but is separated from the Master Chief for Halo 3- the attempt to recover her is a pivotal part of Halo 3’s storyline.

GravemindGravemind (inferi sententia)

Gunnery Sergeant ReynoldsReynolds is a character that appears in the level Sierra 117

Master ChiefMaster Chief Petty Officer John-117 a.k.a. “The Master Chief” is a SPARTAN-II Commando and is the cybernetically and surgically enhanced supersoldier protagonist of the Halo series.

Mendicant BiasAn AI made by the forerunners in an attempt to learn about the Gravemind. It later went rampant and was a key part of the forerunners destruction.

Miranda KeyesCommander Miranda Keyes is the daughter of Captain Jacob Keyes and appears in Halo 2 and Halo 3.

N’tho ‘SraomN’tho ‘Sraom is an Elite warrior from the Halo Universe, and a playable character in Halo 3.

Prophet of TruthThe Prophet of Truth was the highest of the three ruling Covenant Prophets. After the deaths of Regret and Mercy during the events on Delta Halo, the Prophet of Truth became the sole leader of the entire Covenant. He is killed by the Arbiter during the events of Halo 3.

Rtas ‘VadumKnown as “Half-Jaw” before his real name was revealed. Rtas ‘Vadum was once a Spec Ops commander who fought alongside The Arbiter in Halo 2.

Sergeant Major Avery Junior JohnsonA soldier through and through, Johnson played a major role throughout the Halo trilogy as both a well-trained warrior and one of the Master Chief’s best friends.

Terrence HoodFleet Admiral Terrence Hood is the highest ranking officer in the UNSC navy. He is an experienced leader who is known for leading the defence of Earth against the invading Covenant forces. He gives the memorial speech to those who fell during the war at the end of Halo 3.

Thel ‘VadamThel ‘Vadam was the previous Supreme commander of the fleet of particular justice. He is now the Arbiter.

Usze ‘TahamUsze ‘Taham is an Elite warrior


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