What do you Think: Halo 4 and 343

With a look at a teaser trailer and a concept art trailer for Halo 4, we have not learned much about the game. All we know is Master Chief got upgraded armor, and that the forerunners are the possible new enemies. With the terminals telling a story in Halo: Anniversary it provided great information, and what we may expect in Halo 4.

343 Industries: 

Halo: Anniversary was the first game made by 343, and I have to say it was great! 343 Industries has employees from Bungie who worked on the Halo series, therefore the Halo series is in good hands. Halo: Anniversary was made with care and kept true to Halo: Combat Evolved. 343 does not want to screw up anything, they want to make a Halo game any Halo fan will love, we truly saw this in Halo: Anniversary. Trust me when I say this, Halo 4 will be made with care and will keep true to the Halo story.

343 and Halo 4?

A question that is always asked is that will 343 screw up Halo 4? Like the top paragraph shows, I personally think 343 will do great making Halo 4, and make us Halo fans very happy. But that’s my opinion, so why not vote down below, and share yours!


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