Know your Halo Wars – Captain Cutter

Captain Cutter is our first lucky leader to be featured on “Know your Halo Wars.”

Captain Cutter Information:

  • Super Unit: ODST’s – You need 3 reactors to upgrade to ODST’s. ODST’s can be dropped 10 at a time, and costs 100 resources to do so.
  • Leader Power: Mac Blast – Costs 600 resources, and can be upgraded to 4 mac blasts in the field armory.
  • Unique Unit: Elephant – Elephant is a barracks on wheels. It can placed down, and pop out Marines, Flamers, or Spartans.
  • Special Bonus: New bases start as Stations and the starting base is a Fortress.

How to start off: 

For me it really depends on what map your playing. But on any map most of the time I start off with 4 supply pads. Then add 2 reactors in the back of the base, and build a barracks. I’ll than train 3 Spartans and begin to get my second base up in running. Once that base is complete I would build a 3rd reactor, or upgrade one on my first base. Remember to SCOUT around 4/5 minutes with your warthog, you want to see what the other opponents are building/training. Once you’ve scouted, make sure you make units that counter the unit they are making. So say they are making tanks for example, then you should start to build cobras as fast as you can. While building those cobras or any other unit you should start to train for ODST’s. If you even want you can start training in the field armory for the second mac blast or adding 10+ units.


Having a couple of units you should attack (make sure you have ODST’s trained) once attacking start dropping ODST’s.  Begin to take out reactors, vehicle depots, barracks, air pads, and if your even lucky take out there base.

I hope this will help you, and you can start to winning like a beast! Come back next Friday for the Arbiter!


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