Halo Spotlight: Idleduck


Welcome to the first Halo Spotlight. Halo Spotlight gives a look into different Halo community sites, videos, and screenshots.

Our first Halo Spotlight goes to Idleduck. Idleduck provides great web comics, and forge maps. Recently Idleduck announced a new forge series called “Last Forger Standing.” Last Forge Standing is were 7 contestants battle each other, and see who can make a map in forge the best. It will be released sometime this January. Idleduck even produces great web comics that make any Halo fan have a good laugh. While still laughing you can check out great forge projects made by the man him self (petetheduck.) He made the famous map Halo Pinball in which has 1k likes, and 32,229 downloads. All you can say is Idleduck provides any Halo fan with enjoyment, funny, and great Halo content.

Do you want to have your video or website on our next Halo Spotlight? Contact us!


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