What do you Think: Halo 2 Anniversary?

Halo: Anniversary in my book was a huge hit, and it was a great way for 343 industries to tell Halo fans they got Halo under control. 343 has hinted maybe at a Halo 2 remake, but could this really happen? Halo 2 started one of the best multiplayer games of that time. Halo 2 was fun, amazing, and I think put Halo on the map. But will making Halo 2 Anniversary too much? What I mean is it a good thing for a game company to keep on doing remakes. I guess we will see in the coming years.


Do you think Halo 2: Anniversary will be made? Answer down below, voice your opinion!



  1. SUPERGHOST · March 9, 2012

    I hope it will be made.

  2. MASSAIKUR · April 14, 2012

    they better make it thats all i’m saying

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