What do you Think: Do you miss Halo 2?

I recently went back in time, and watched Halo 2 videos on YouTube. While watching a hearing those sweet battle rifles it brought back memories of a simple time. Halo 2 I have to say was the BEST game in the series so far. There where no armor ability’s, it was just plain fun. I was 9 or 10 when me and my brother would play Halo 2 for hours. I would only get 1 kill, and then die 100s of times. I thought to my self that this game was the best game ever. I could not stop playing it, and I eventually became pretty good. Halo 2 was where I truly found my love for Halo, and for the Xbox. Looking back the maps for Halo 2 were amazing; beaver creek, ascension, burial mounds, headlong, and waterworks are just some examples of the best maps made in the Halo series. Sadly 2 years ago Microsoft pulled the plug on Halo 2, and now Halo 2 will sleep forever. I’ll never forget Halo 2, I’ll always remember waking up on a summer morning, and playing Halo 2 for hours and hours.


Do you have fond memories of Halo 2? Why not share them down below in the comments, and don’t forget to vote down below!


One comment

  1. SUPERGHOST · January 29, 2012

    I played through Halo 2 again this past summer on the PC. I would really like it to receive the Anniverasy treatment on its 10th anniversary, over even if they just ported the PC campaign to XBLA or something just so we could have that story to play again anytime on the 360. I like Halo 2, and it has some of the coolest visual moments in the series (needed more New Mombasa though).

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