What do you Think: Halo: Reach Title Update

The wonderful people from 343 have listened to the Halo community about the wanting a Halo: Reach Title Update. During this summer we got the first details of the title update. The wait is over! Tomorrow you can expect when you pop in your Reach disk to download the update. The title update looks like has fixed what the Halo community wanted to be fixed. Be the judge yourself, look down below for the update.

  • Make damage bleed to health through shields possible.
  • Make reticle bloom configurable.
  • Modify Armor Lock:
    • Sticky grenade will not be nullified if you use Armor Lock after being stuck.
    • Damage received while in Armor Lock is transferred to remaining Armor Ability energy.
    • How much the damage depletes your Armor Lock energy is configurable.
  • Modify Active Camo:
    • Reduce the bonus time the player gets in Active Camo while standing still.
    • Reduce the overall length of time the player can be in Active Camo.
  • Remove Sword block:
    • Disable the ability to block Sword attacks using melee with anything other than another Sword.

With what you’ll see in the update out-of-the-way. Do you think Reach will be better of with these changes? Do you think 343 did what you wanted for the title update? Why not answer these questions down below!

What do you Think: 


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