100,000 Hits, Happy Birthday Elders.TV

I woke up this weekend the sun in my eyes, and two birds singing outside of my window. Like I do everyday I get on my computer and check on Elders.TV. While looking around I saw Total Blog Hits: 100,000. I began to smile, and I would like to thank everyone who visits and reads what I have to say about Halo. I never thought in just 2 years that Elders.TV would hit 100,000 page views. This is a huge milestone.

With 100,000 hits Elders.TV just hit 2 years old! This is a great present, and I can’t wait to keep on giving you Halo info.

To say thanks, and celebrate I will be hosting a Game Night with a special guest from the Halo Community. Come back on Monday to find out who the special guest will be, and to sign up!

Thanks so much for 2 great years, and for 100,000 hits.



One comment

  1. CruelLEGACEY · September 18, 2011

    Congrats Chris! Keep up the great work 🙂

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