Halo Fest Recap: Day 2 & 3

It’s sad to say but Halo Fest is over, but if you missed any of the action well, we got you covered!

Halo Fest Day 2:

Nothing to big happened for day 2 at Halo Fest, but we got some great details about the Halo: Anniversary campaign, and Bungie stopped by and said hello. Why not watch the panels down below.

Halo Fest: Bungie: Hatching the Cosmic Halo Egg:

Halo Fest: Halo: Building a Universe of Toys and Collectibles:

 Halo Fest: Halo Universe Fiction:

Halo Fest: Halo Anniversary Campaign Discussion:

Halo Fest Day 3:

The final day for Halo Fest was packed in with great Halo 4 news. One big announcement was the name of the new Halo  Trilogy, which will be called:  Reclaimer Trilogy. Get to know the Guilty Spark little bit better with the new trilogy. Also we got a look at the multiplayer for Halo: Anniversary, and we got to see the wonderful people at Red Vs Blue. Why not watch the panels down below.

Halo: Fest: Halo 4: 

Halo Fest: Xbox Talks 10 years of Halo:

Halo Fest: Halo Anniversary Multiplayer:

Halo Fest: Red Vs. Blue Table Read:

Go watch at IGN. We will have it up on YouTube soon.

If you ask me Halo Fest was a huge success, and I hope we can see another Halo Fest in the future!

Thanks goes to 343 for making Halo Fest happen, and IGN for the great Live/videos they posted during Halo Fest!


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