Halo Fest Recap Day #1

We got some great videos, and news for you at Halo Fest for day #1. View the videos/news down below.

Halo Anniversary Terminal #2:

At Halo Fest we got a look at 3 of the new multiplayer maps coming to Halo CE Anniversary.

Timberland: Halo CE Anniversary:

Timberland: Halo CE PC:

Prisoner: Halo Anniversary (aka Solitary)

Prisoner: Halo CE:

Installation 04 (New Firefight Map)

Halo Fest Day 1 Panels:

Halo Fest: Halo: Anniversary:

Halo Fest: Halo Community: Fragging, Forge, and Flowers:

Halo Fest: What’s Next With Waypoint:

We will be getting a video for this panel soon. Sorry! Check back later.

Halo Fest: Halo Universe Fiction:

Go read day 2, and 3.



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