Bungie Day – Day #1

Welcome to the first of seven Bungie Day articles I’ll be posting on Elders.TV!

Anyone can say Bungie created one of the best games, and Bungie itself, is the worlds best gaming studio. It’s hard to see Halo moving away from Bungie. Halo and Bungie is why I created this site, so I could share my passion of Halo to the world!

Yea, just thought to get some loving in for Bungie, look further down below for screenshots, videos, and much more.

Image above was made by: TheNickJackify & SpearlikeJassi . The screenshot above really catches the moment of how much the community cares about Bungie.

The video is from our good friends over at . Enjoy!

  • Bungie Day is in 6 days.
  • Today, Bungie has released the Marathon Infinity source code. Go check it out.
  • Yesterday, Bungie released details on Bungie Aerospace. Go give it a read.

Come back tomorrow for some more screenshots, videos,  and news!


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