Top 10 “Halo 3” Achievements for Study Breaks

I love gaming. I also love the idea of finishing my associate degree sometime this decade, ideally before my parents kick me out of the house. In that spirit I have decided to go back to an old favorite and work through it by achievements – Halo 3. Below are the 10 best to hit during a quick study break. You really can game and still get your school work done! Try these:

1. Maybe Next Time Buddy – Just find an online map with vehicles, hop in a car, and get boarded. Then board that poor sap!

2. Triple Kill – Get online and kill 3 enemies in 3 seconds.

3. Overkill –Same thing – but get 4 kills in 4 seconds.

4. We’re in for Some Chop – Destroy an enemy vehicle using some equipment.

5. Killing Frenzy – Go online and kill 10 in a row; this may take a bit of work for all but the most pro among you.

6. Up Close and Personal –Melee or assassinate 5 enemies online.

7. Mongoose Mowdown – One of my faves: pound an enemy with a mongoose online.

8. Used Car Salesman – Destroy a car with 3 or more enemies in it online.

9. Headshot Honcho – Get 10 kills with headshots.

10. Graduate – C’mon, if you’re reading this, you really should have at least taken care of this much; get 5 EXP or finish 10 games, and complete basic training.

If you haven’t yet, take a break long enough to get this done. Some of these achievements take a bit more time than others, but they’re worth it. Seriously, if you haven’t “graduated” yet, you need to get busy. That one will take you the most time, but I would recommend doing that before commencing any further school work. The rest of these are all a bit more straightforward, assuming you’ve played through Halo at least a time or two. Personally, I just love driving vehicles, in most any game, so the Mongoose Mowdown is my very favorite. I literally have no idea how many times I’ve re-unlocked this achievement. Secondly, I love headshots (err, only in games), and I can report getting at least 25 kills from headshots in one online round. Feel free to comment below and share your favorite achievements. There certainly are quite a few others to choose from, and your mileage may vary on each of these, so join the conversation!

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