A Great Day for Halo Fans

If your Halo fan like myself, well, today had to be the best day of our lives (maybe not the best, but still.) Today at E3 we did not get to look forward to one game, but two! Yep, that’s right. First off, we got to see the wonderful remake of Halo. Halo: Anniversary takes the hardcore of the campaign of Halo, and re-makes it to feel like a “2011 game.” As well, with campaign you now can play Xbox Live with Halo: Anniversary. Your favorite maps are back, and now you can play them on Xbox Live, coming November 15, 2011. You can watch the trailer, which will be down below.

So after watching that trailer I was jumping up and down screaming YES!!!! (and no, that’s not what she said.) After watching some cool Kinect games, the event was about to end in about 2-3 minutes. Then comes out President of the Interactive Entertainment Business at Microsoft, Don Mattrick, he then describes the game as a “beginning of a new trilogy.” Then boom a video shows up. What could this be? I asked myself. After watching about good 20 seconds of the video, I hear “John, I need your help” while thinking what gaming character is named John. Out of no where, I see Master Chief doing some bad ass moves, then Halo 4 shows up on the screen, by now I have gross bumps running up my arm down to my legs. I could not beleave my eyes. The game I’ve been waiting for, is finally coming out in 2012. Watch the jaw dropping video down below.

More info on Halo 4 here. More info on Halo: Anniversary here.


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