What do you Think: The old Halo or the New

Before our eyes Halo has changed over the years. Like every game your going to see changes, but are these changes good?

If you remember back to Halo 3: ODST we saw the changes begin, I’m not talking about new weapons or anything like that. With ODST we got to play a new character, and move on from Master Chief. To me, and I’m pretty sure other fans this was a big change. The icon of Halo is Master Chief, without Master Chief Halo will be another boring game, but that’s my opinion. Once again we had a huge change in Halo: Reach. Halo: Reach once again gave us another character to play. But this time Halo: Reach really did change Halo, which I call the “new” Halo.

If you go back to Halo 3 you have the old ranking system, no bloom from firing weapons, and NO armor abilities. The good old Halo. I’m sad to say this, but Halo: Reach has lost my attention. I just really don’t know why, maybe I don’t like change. Well, this post is “What do you Think” not what this writer thinks, so voice opinion on this topic down below!


We like to hear what you think!

Do you have a Halo topic, that you think we should talk about? Well, send it to us here.


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