Elders.TV Update – 3/18

Welcome to this weeks Elders.TV Update for the week of 3/18. I hope you enjoy the cool image above, and this week update! Let’s get started!

Defiant Map Pack Review

On March 19th, we will be releasing our review for the Halo: Reach Defiant Map Pack. All you need to know about the maps, will be in this review!

Elders.TV Tourneys

From our last weeks update, we talked about a new site, just for Halo tournaments. Well, today we would like to give you a preview on what we have worked on. Elders.TV Tourneys will officially lauch on March 25, 2011. Please note that we are still working on the site.

People Like Us

Couple of days ago our great friends over at Cruellegacey Productions, gave us a kind write-up about Elders.TV. Please go check out the post, and Cruellegacey Productions

Spring Cleaning

It’s almost spring, and you know what that means! Spring Cleaning! If you have not noticed we cleaned Elders.TV up with a new look, and updated some of the pages around the site. We are not done just yet cleaning up, so keep your eye out.

As well, posts like Video of the Week, Halo: Reach Tips, and Screenshot of the Week will be returning to Elders.TV, coming this Spring.

See’ya Later

That’s going have to for this weeks Elders.TV Update. Have a great Halo weekend!


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