Elders.TV Featured on Cruellegacey Productions

Today our great friend over at Cruelleagacey Prodcutions gave us a kind write-up about our site, on their new post “Community Spotlights“. Go read it over at Cruellegacy Productions or click “Read More” down below, for the post.

Post by: CruelLEGACEYhttp://cruellegaceyproductions.com/

I first discovered Elders.TV shortly after the launch of cruellegaceyproductions.com. I was instantly impressed by the depth of information covered on the site. Elders.TV has a range of articles covering features and modes from the entire Halo franchise, making it a great place for Halo newbies to get their questions answered. Elders.TV also does a great job of keeping up with all the latest Halo news, making it a nice spot for a daily visit.

I asked Chris of Elders.TV to describe his site for us. Here’s what he has to say:

What is Elders.TV?

Elders.TV is a Halo fan site, that has been on the web for 1 year, and is growing everyday. Elders.TV offers Halo fans great Halo news, videos, and much more. As well, Elders.TV is on YouTube which has given Halo videos for over 5 years. Elders.TV’s main goal is to give the Halo community, great, easy to read news which we have done. With Halo news added daily, you will never be out of the loop at Elders.TV.

Where do we see ourselves at the moment and in the future?

We at Elders.TV are always thinking how we can make our site better for the Halo community. That’s why, next month, Elders.TV will be releasing our new site just for Halo based tournaments. With hosting tournaments, Elders.TV is really your number 1 site for Halo.

We all at Elders.TV would like to give a big thanks to CruelLEGACEY Productions for this weeks Community Spotlight.

Big thanks to Chris for contributing to this community spotlight feature. Head over to Elders.TV and check it out!

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