Elders.TV Update

First off, I’m sorry for not posting any Halo news. It’s just kinda slow out their, not much major news, but that’s about to change. I’m always thinking of ahead, and I got some exciting news coming this Spring.

Elders.TV + Tournaments = You Happy

One major thing we are going to do is launch a website for tournaments, coming this Spring. What we will be doing is Elders.TV, with other of our friend sites, will be hosting Halo tournaments for the summer. The site will be up and running March 25, 2011. More info will be released next week.

Spring Cleaning:

Well,  we all know Spring is around the corner, and we will be “cleaning the site up.” The clean up will organize the site, new pages, updated pages, and much more. This will take place throughout the month. Come back every week, to see what we did.

Elders.TV Fourm

We have always wanted to create a forum for Elders.TV, and that will be coming true next month. On April 4, 2011 we will lauch the new improved Elders.TV Forum.


Just thought to give you guys a quick update into what we are doing with Elders.TV. Come back next week for Elders.TV Update.


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