Bungie Weekly Update – 3/4

Well, it’s Friday once again, and all Halo fans know Bungie gives us a look into what they’re doing for our favorite game.

Bungie Weekly Update 3/4:

First off, Bungie wanted to make it clear that they are still working on Halo: Reach:

We’re still here supporting Halo: Reach until Microsoft takes the reins. As phases of the transition (which is already underway) unfold we’ll continue to work with Microsoft and 343 Industries to ensure the handoff requires as little brainpower from you as possible, and as we nail down significant dates we’ll hammer home your expectations in kind. Rest assured all sides are working diligently to make sure the transition experience is as awesome as possible.

  • We love you
  • We’re still supporting Halo: Reach
  • We’re working with 343 Industries to make the eventual support transition as seamless as possible
  • There are good times ahead for our community

It looks like Bungie ia still hard at work with Halo: Reach (or just playing the waiting game.)

You should go take a full look at the update, for amazing images titled Jet Packs (like the image above made by: Cisco

Read the Bungie Weekly Update 3/4


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