What do you Think: Halo: Reach Title Update

We all can say once a game comes out there is going to be “bugs” or things that need to be fixed to balance out the game. The community of Halo is asking for a title update for Halo: Reach. As we can see Bungie has moved away from the Halo series, but they are not done with Reach completely. Bungie has posted about upcoming playlists, game types, and maps. I’m pretty sure they hear what the players want, and they are working on it. If not we have a plan B, 343 Industries. Now if Bungie is done with Halo: Reach then they should hand over everything to 343 such as working on a title updates, new DLC, and much more.

What is the community asking for? Well, this is what they want fixed or balanced: Armor Lock, Melee System, Movement Speed, Grenades, and Arena (already being fixed by Bungie.)

I’m for sure there is A LOT more people who could add onto that list, but that’s the major ones I have found around the community. Now after reading that list, what do you think? VOTE down below!




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