Elders.TV Update: What You Can See in 2010

With us saying good-bye to 2010 Elders.TV is already looking ahead on how to give you the best Halo news/videos. Down below is what you can see, or expect from us in 2011.

  • One of the most and biggest announcements we are going to get a domain name for Elders.TV. Most likely you will see http://www.elderstv.net.
  • Elders.TV Forums will get remade, and become more active.
  • Once the next Halo title is announced you can find all info/news in one page.
  • We will be releasing our new YouTube Channel. Elders.TV 2 will give quick updates, and Halo Videos.
  • We are hoping to get more writers on the site, to get more quick Halo news up and offer a lot more to our readers. So of you have the love for Halo, come join our team!
  • Elders.TV with Average Joe’s will be hosting more Halo Wars/ Halo Series tournaments.

That’s just the highlight of what you will see. There is a lot more that you will see this upcoming year!

Elders.TV Achievments this Year:

Thanks for a great year! Hope to see you next year!


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