Best of Halo: Reach 2010

It has been a great year for Halo, and even Elders.TV. With 2011 coming lets hope we get to see what’s next for Halo!

Looking back on Halo in 2010 we got Halo: Reach, First DLC for Reach, Halo Waypoint, and so much more. Look down below to see what the community posted about Halo: Reach this year!

  • VideoGamer ranks Halo: Reach # 5 as their Game of the Year.
  • Yahoo UK ranks Halo: Reach #1 has their Game of the Year. Yahoo Games says Halo: Reach is the Most Anticipated Game Of 2010.
  • From IGN Halo: Reach is up for these Nominees: Best Competitive Multiplayer, Best Co-Op Game, Best Visuals, Best Soundtrack, Most Bang for Your Buck, Most Challenging, Best Sci-Fi Game, Best Blockbuster Game, and Best Xbox 360 Game of the Year. With Halo: Reach up with 9 Nominees, Reach truly had a great year!
  • From Gamespot Halo: Reach is up for: Best Cooperative Multiplayer, Best Competitive Multiplayer, Best Ending, Best Shooter, Best Xbox 360 Game, Game of the Year.

You know I can go all day posting about how well Halo: Reach did this year, but it’s getting dark out, and after writing about this I feel like going on Reach for the rest of the day. Oh also you should go vote for Reach from IGN, and Gamespot!

Keep your eye out to see what you can see from Elders.TV in 2011!


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