Upcoming Halo: Reach Changes

Well some good news, Halo: Reach will get an update soon (no timeline) the update includes:

View the official post.

FFA Arena
We’ll be adding a FFA Arena, using the same maps from the
Team Arena lineup. The initial gametype used will include the following
* Loadout = DMR/AR/1 Frag/Sprint
* Motion Tracker Enabled
* No power weapons on map

Community Playlists
We’re going to start cycling playlists featuring 100% community maps, the first of these will
be 4v4 slayer. You’ll also be seeing a Grifball playlist in the near future, as
well as some updates to the MLG playlist (weapon spawn fixes

Team Objective
This playlist currently features a massive array of map and gametype combinations, so we’re going to use your
voting data to offer up a better lineup. The result will be that you’ll see the
options you want to play more often.

Big Team Battle
Big Team Slayer games are running a bit short, so we’re going to bump these up to 100 to
win. Snipers and Elite Slayer will remain at 75 for now and we’ll continue to
evaluate average game lengths.

Firefight Grab Bags
Lars has
designed some more Firefight experiences for you all to check out, you’ll
probably see at least one of them in January!

The Cage
There is a new revision of The Cage that we’re currently working on that includes some
major changes that alter the flow of the map. I won’t go into too much detail,
but I will say that we’re getting close to finalizing it and we’ll get it in
your hands as soon as it’s ready.


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