What’s Next for Halo

Recently a lot of rumors have been going in the Halo community about the new Halo game that’s going to make by 343. Rumor is that Halo Combat Envolved is going to be made into a remake. 343 has denied this rumor, but lets look at the big picture here. When is the next Halo game going to be announced? Is it Halo Wars 2 or a new Halo story line. We don’t know but one thing for sure I know is that 343 IS working on the next Halo Wars. 343 has moved the Halo Wars forum on over to Halo Waypoint, to make the Halo Wars community more active with 343 Industries. Many fingers point in the direction that 343 is making the new Halo Wars. Halo Wars community is strong, and are hoping for a new Halo Wars game. Remember Ensemble Studios (now Robot Entertainment) gave full control of the Halo Wars franchise over to Waypoint



One comment

  1. Colethebomb · February 28, 2011

    Can’t wait! And they’re going to remake Halo ce.

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