Spotlight – New Halo: Reach Achievements

With the release of the Noble Map Pack, we also got new achievements for Halo: Reach. Look down below for these achievements:

Totally Worth It – 50 Points
Earn a Double Kill from the Grave in multiplayer Matchmaking.
Advice – Grenade throws on Anchor 9.

Both Barrels – 50 Points
Earn a Double Kill with the shotgun in multiplayer Matchmaking.
Advice – The placement of the shotgun in Anchor 9 makes this level perfect.

Cross-Mappin’ – 50 Points
Kill a player at long range with the DMR in a match made Slayer game.
Advice – This is the easiest of the new Achievements and can obtained easily on Tempest and Breakpoint, just make sure you are playing a Slayer variant!

You Ate All the Chips – 42 Points
Collect all of the flags in a match made Stockpile game
Advice – Play Anchor 9, the level is small and you can get to the flags quickly with using sprint.

You Blew it UP! – 13 Points
Blow up the research facility in a match made Invasion game on Breakpoint.
Advice – Win a round as the Elites.

Poppin’ & Lockin’ – 25 Points
Destroy a vehicle using Armor Lock in a match made game.
Advice – Breakpoint has the most Covenant vehicles so choose armor lock during a big team battle and put yourself in the mix!

Offensive Driver – 20 Points
Earn a kill in a match made Rocket Race game.

With the new achievements you can get 250 added on to your score.


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