New Post Line-Up

Well I thought up some new posts that you can see here at Elders.TV coming up this weekend, and   through out the weeks.

Sunday – “Halo: Reach Forge Map of the Week” – We will look into the community files at, and pick out our favorite Halo: Reach Forge Map.

Monday – “Halo: Reach Video of the Week” – We will pick our favorite Halo: Reach video for that  week.
Tuesday – “Spotlight” – We will give you a preview of an upcoming update to Halo: Reach or any other Halo Series, such as maps, playlist update, and much more.

Wednesday – “What do you Think” – We want your opinion! We will talk about a Halo topic, and then you vote.
Thursday – “Around the Web” – We will give you the most interesting news about the Halo series.

Friday – “Elders.TV Update” – See what’s new coming to Elders.TV.

Saturday – “Bungie Weekly Recap – Get a recap of what Bungie wrote in their Bungie Weekly Update.

At any reason these posts may change days.


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