Halo: Reach Tips of the Week – Armor Lock

First off welcome to a new post here at Elders.TV called “Halo: Reach Tips of the Week”. We here at Elders.TV are going to look into, and give you info on how you can be a better player in Campaign, Forge, Firefight, or Multiplayer. So sit back and relax every Tuesday with Elders.TV.

For the next couple of Halo: Reach Tips of the Week we will be talking about some armor abilities.

Armor Lock Tips:

1) When you see a ghost, warthog, mongoose, or any other vehicle, use your armor lock and if they do run into you, it will destroy the vehicle or put them off course.

2 ) Use your armor lock not in one full blast. Keep on doing about 3 seconds, try to go to the closest thing to cover you.

3) If you see any rockets or grenades make sure, you use your armor lock.

4) When coming out of Armor Lock try to surprise your target, by throwing a very quick grenade or jumping in the air.

If you have any tips on Armor Lock we would love to hear down below in the comments.


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