Top Post: Halo: Reach is Out!

Well after a long wait Halo: Reach is finally here! This is Bungie’s last Halo game, but not the last game for the Halo series. If you have not yet got your copy, go and get it! Have the chance to play the Game of the Year 2010. Look down below for upcoming Halo: Reach posts/updates to Elders.TV.

  • September 14 – The Halo: Reach page got updated with new info. We also added Maps and Playlists under the Reach tab.
  • September 17 – Come play Halo: Reach with us at 4:30 P.M. MST. Send a message to xExOp90x to get an invite.
  • September 17 – A review of Firefight.
  • September 17 –  A review of Forge World.
  • September 18 – A review of Halo: Reach. We give you a review of the campaign and multiplayer in Reach.
  • September 18 – Come help us build some maps in Forge World.
  • September 19 – Tips on how you can be the master at Multiplayer in Reach.

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