Bungie Weekly Update Explains how Piraters will be Punished

Bungie finally wrote up their Weekly Update yesterday and let loose some pretty interesting news. If you don’t remember, a few weeks ago, Halo Reach was leaked. Thankfully, Bungie has a plan to get back at those that are already playing the game. They plan to wipe out any credits or armor gained before September 14th. That should put those piraters in their place.

If you do indeed have Halo Reach, don’t get too attached to your credits or armor. They will vanish before your very eyes within the next week and a half. The crew even through some gameplay videos at us. You can check out the videos and more details about the piraters punishment at Bungie.net.



  1. Boris Yvosky · September 5, 2010

    Bungie has been doing this since Halo 3, and we’re always impressed by their efforts of fair play. There’s no good reason to let people with early copies to get such an advantage.

  2. nathan · November 23, 2010

    i think that the piraters who are playing online should git there consols banned from playing eather halo 3 or halo reach. they knew it was illegal and they did it anyway.

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