Reach: The Search for Data Pads

By – David Leggett 

Our previous post was spot on. Skull will not be making an appearance in Halo: Reach… at least not in treasure-hunt form.

This time around, players will search for Data Pads. Halo Reach Planet recently confirmed that there will not be skulls in Halo: Reach, and has posted guides for finding the Halo: Reach Data Pads. So far, they’ve located 16 data pads, and they believe there are two more left.

Apparently, the data pads function in a similar matter to Terminals from Halo 3, or Audio Logs from Halo 3: ODST. Each data pad is numbered, and contains a cryptic message. Together, those messages tell a story about the Halo universe that Halo fanatics are going to love.

Above: Data Pad 11 is well hidden on the second level in Halo: Reach. Data Pads 10-18 are tough to find, and only appear on Legendary.

According to Halo Reach Planet, there are 2 data pads per level. One data pad can be found on any difficulty setting, and is usually easy to find. The second data pad (which they call the “Legendary” Data Pad) must be found while playing on the Legendary difficulty setting. The Legendary Data Pads are numbered 10-18, and are much more difficult to find than their siblings.

The search continues for the final two data pads (#7 and 16), but there is doubt that these two will be found anytime soon,

“The last two data pads are believed to be located on the 7th mission of Halo: Reach. Skull hunters might remember that the IWHBYD Skull was found on the 7th level of Halo: 3… in short, it wasn’t so easy to find. It took the collaborative effort of our community to find the IWHBYD skull, and we might be facing a similar challenge with these last two data pads.”


The 7th mission in Halo: Reach presents a challenge for data pad hunters.

If the final two data pads are not found before the games release, it may take a group effort to locate them. Halo Reach Planet has kindly requested the help from anyone who wants to join their search. If you’re the first to find a data pad, you’ll be listed as the original founder on that data pads page.

Of course, many people may simply enjoy searching for the Data Pads themselves. If you choose to hunt for them all alone, you’re guaranteed many more hours of playtime, and the satisfaction of finding them without the use of guides.

On the other hand, if you want to find the data pads quickly, or read the transcripts of the data pads found so far, Halo Reach Planet has transcribed most of them already, and has created easy to follow guides for finding them.

Part of a message from a data pad.

At this point it’s unknown what will happen—if anything—when all of the data pads are found. Could they unlock an alternate ending? Additional armor pieces?

Time will tell.


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