What do you Think: Halo: Reach Maps

Halo Reach Revenant

With Halo: Reach coming in less than a month! We have a little special “What do you Think” today. Today we are going to talk about the new Halo: Reach Multiplayer maps. Well about 3 maps have been reviled in the past week or two. The maps so far are: Reflection (remake of Ivory Tower in Halo 2), Zealot (remake of Midship in Halo 2), and Spire. Looking at Halo 3 Maps and Halo: Reach upcoming maps, it’s a huge difference. Looks like Halo: Reach’s maps have better art, and has a lot of work put into them. Down in the video below you can see the maps for your self. After watching the video, look past the video to vote.

What do you Think (Vote):

 ”What do you Think” is a post you can find on Elders.TV every Wednesday. We let you vote and say what you think about a Halo topic.



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  2. gh0stgamer · September 17, 2010

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