Another Halo Game After Reach

Yep it looks official. Microsoft and 343 Industries have partnered up for the next Halo game. Also they are now hiring. Well, one question I have and all of you have is, what kind of Halo game? Is it going to be Halo Wars 2, Halo 4, or are 343 Industries going to go off and make a new storyline in the Halo history. Remember 343 Industries is the new IP holders of Halo.

What do you think? Put your thoughts down below!



  1. Jared · October 3, 2010

    A game detailing the covenant’s side of the story is long over due.

  2. Chuckie · October 27, 2010

    I think they are gonna do something with the elites and their home planet, possibly bring back master chief and cortona after they were lost

  3. Wyatt Staker · November 9, 2010

    i think they should bring back master chief and go to the eletes home planet and kick some butt and and have to disable somthing do avoid the alians finding earth

    • redbob13 · December 1, 2010

      in case you forgot they already found earth…

  4. kevin · January 13, 2011

    noo they shold have a game fighting off the flood as humans/marines/odsts/or spartans or even maybe forerunners??? i would be playing all day itll be like halo zombies but wit flood

  5. komodo · January 18, 2011

    why would they have to go to the elite’s planet? cause they already formed an alliance, and there not enemies

  6. Josey Gordon · February 17, 2011

    I think they should make a new custom edition. With Halo wars vehicles. And all vehicles you ever saw. Except on the xbox 360. Improved graphics and everything. Or Maybe Halo Harvest. Where it startded everything. You can like play as a marine and stuff.

    • Josey Gordon · February 17, 2011

      Just to let you know if you meet me online i’m Zel Vrumee.

    • Blake · April 22, 2011

      or play as Johnson, thatd be cool.

      • thomas · May 30, 2011

        but johnsons dead in halo 3

  7. Moon oni · February 20, 2011

    they should bring another species in the mix, who were waiting for the covenat to disband. That they could take them out one by one. The elietes home world gets destroyed and they come asking for help. The enemies should be more secritive then the covenats were.

  8. ROBERT · February 23, 2011

    i heard rumors that they a going to continue the odst story

    • Blake · April 22, 2011

      uggh that would suck

  9. Colby · February 24, 2011

    They should have a halo game where a brute stronger than tartarus (probably the overlord of all the brutes) becomes the new covenent leader and then you first play as John-117 after the 2lites find him and Get ambushed by the new covenent. Or they should just do a crossover with AVP or Metroid

  10. sean · March 30, 2011

    why not detail the fleet side of the war apart form the books and the bref bits in the game we dont realy no what when on

  11. max · April 16, 2011

    Well, i think they should do like, the beginning of the spartan program, like, sort of a prequel ass you go through spartan training. the ship idea sounds good to. and also, if eny one has read eny of the books, a game about onyx, or something about, what happened between halo 1, and 2, like how john got back to earth and whatnot.

    • Blake · April 22, 2011

      theres a book on how he and johnson got back, probably my favorite book. thatd be a pretty sweet game

  12. Blake · April 22, 2011

    A duel sided story would be pretty sweet. Explaining what happens to chief and Cortana after they land on that one very shiny planet, along with the events that conspire between the Elites/Covenant and Humans afterward.

  13. cartergamble · May 3, 2011

    I liked halo reach but there could have been more levels so how about HALO:Reach 2 or HALO:Reach extended stoty

    • rickys · May 27, 2011

      reach got but raped so their couldnt be a second

  14. cartergamble · May 3, 2011

    oh and like call of duty black opps bring zombies

  15. rickys · May 27, 2011

    after the end of halo 3 the arbiter said about going home to ensure its safety i’d like somethin where u play as the arbiter or another elite upon returning home or perhaps back before the main stroy before first contact where the prophets and sangheli where enimies would be nice to see the histroy of the covenant

  16. rickys · May 27, 2011

    yh do it when the forerunners where around and at war with the flood

  17. mark · May 31, 2011

    i think a halo game on space battles would be cool kinda like halo wars… except we all know that game sucked dick compared to the rest so much better quality of course….. or a sequel where humans fight alongside elites against the torn covinent would be cool to

  18. lou · June 4, 2011

    i think originally cortana and the chief actually fall in reach’s orbit and are back in reach. But bungie decided to make Halo Reach instead. It would be cool if another halo would be based on one of the books.

  19. lou · June 4, 2011

    how about making a halo on (halo legends)

  20. rickys · June 10, 2011

    well we’ve all seen the trailer for halo 4 and tbh i have absolutely no diea whats in that massive mutherfucking shp!

  21. Kemar Mullings · July 3, 2011

    well i think that they shouuld make a marines side of the strory who had too fight alongside with master cheif or we could do a little ” republic comando ” and show were you born go through training ETC and have a little free roam time on the ship too your self and stuff like that or they could shoow were matsercheif was born and that or they should just have another halo ring the eletes want it again and betray the humans and a massive war with the flood the forunners thr eletes and humans ;D

  22. justin · July 28, 2011

    Hey how about a halo game thast the player has a choice on which side he/she want to be on. Customize the suit weapons like a fable game. Or like someone said an alien side of halo because honnor elite is the shit.

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