Firefight Map: Beachhead – Firefight 2.0 Recap

This is about week old news, but still why not post it. At E3 Bungie announced the Firefight 2.0 for Halo: Reach. With the announcement people got to play and feel the new map Beachhead one of many new firefight maps for Reach.

As you can see in the video you can pick from the same 4 Armor abilitys, but one new one has been added called “Medic”. I think you know what that Armor ability will do. It looks like Firefight will be played over Xbox Live (so you can match up on Matchmaking to find a match.) Also to me it looks like Bungie is really trying to make Firefight really and Team effort playlist. What I mean is that your going to have to work together. In ODST I did not get that feeling, but with Armor abilitys I now do.


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