Halo: Reach Beta Review

Just by playing the Halo: Reach Beta for two weeks; Halo: Reach felt like my new home for the Halo universe.

 One questions on mind before I played the Reach Beta was: Is Reach going to similar to the past Halo games? I was worried that Reach’s Multiplayer was not going to feel like a “Halo” game. After playing that first game I knew I was playing a Halo game. Halo: Reach will be the new

We have not got a test on the Halo: Reach campaign, but by looking how much art and development put into the Beta is amazing.

Well let’s get back on track, Reach and how good the Beta was. With SO many new features to Reach, each one I think has made the Halo universe that much better. Armor Abilities has changed how people play the game. Gamers now have to think how can I win the game or help win the game with this ability. Arena is a great new way to get your competitive gaming out. Taking XP and putting “Credits” in-place was also a great idea! With earning credits you then get to spend them on new armor for your Spartan.

With that all said, Bungie is doing an amazing job on Reach. I can’t wait to play the full game in Fall 2010


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