Site Update – May 16

The site the last couple of weeks, may have looked different. I wanted to change the look/feel of Elders.TV, and make it feel more like a Halo news site. With this new theme I can get that feel.

Down below is some new upcoming and already live features:

  • About Us – That page will be added with the Contact Us page as a sub page. – Coming soon.
  • Halo 3/Halo: Reach: With summer upcoming I will have A LOT of time on my hands so I will be adding “sub-pages” to each of those main pages.

Also go see our new friend at

That’s it for this Sunday, see you all next Sunday.



  1. Halo Reach Game News · May 18, 2010

    New digs are looking pretty sweet! Not as good as the beta looks though! 🙂

    • xExOp90x · May 18, 2010

      Thanks. Yea the Beta is looking great.

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