BOOM Headshot

Headhunter is the newest game type to the Halo franchise. While you run around killing everyone to collect skulls, then putting those skulls in a ring to score points. Headhunter is a FFA game type.

This is a great new game type! This brings Slayer, and Objective game types just into one. This also seems like a fast-moving game. Who ever has the most skulls collected has a red arrow on them saying how much skulls they have, this is great for the other players but not for that person. Headhunter is a great way to say “BOOM Headshot”, and also say “Noob stay down”.

Though out the Beta you can see posts on which Elders.TV takes you into the action of the game types in Halo Reach! If you can play the Beta stay with Elders.TV for great details on the new game types.


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