Halo: Reach Beta: What We Like; What We Hate

With the Halo: Reach Beta we here at Elders.TV would like to share what; we like and dislike for Halo: Reach Beta. Remember this is a Beta so everything in the Beta won’t be in the shipped game.

What we Like:

  • Armor Abilities – When Bungie announced that armor abilities were going to be in Halo: Reach; I thought Halo: Reach was going on the path of COD (Call of Duty). Then when I played each Armor ability it felt like that good Halo game I always loved. This a great new feature in Halo: Reach.
  • Arena – This is a great new way to play competitive slayer in a Halo game. Arena is for those hard, cold, loving players to win.
  • Assassinations – I love the new animations for assassinating a player. This makes players more sneaky.
  • Maps – All maps have its own special feel to it. Take Sword Base for an example; there is way more covy weapons then UNSC weapons on the map.
  • Weapons – The new weapons in Reach are great and feel more modern.
  • Feels Like a Halo game – I was wondering that Reach ws not going to feel like a Halo game. Then I played my first game, right when I was shooting and running around I felt like I was playing the game I loved.

What we Hate:

  • Grenades – The grenades in the game are way to powerful.
  • The AR – It seems like the AR is a little weak.

Yea after just a couple of days playing Reach I only have two things I hate. On May 19, 2010 this post will be updated with new things I hate, and like in the game.


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