Welcome to the Beta

Bungie has release some info/guide to the beta. Down below you can see info you will need to know before the beta is live (May 3, 2010).

  • When that big day arrives you can find out, how to get the Beta set up. Also find out about the matchmaking, Loadouts, and much more. Bungie has released the official Beta Guide. Go check it out.
  • Bungie announced yesterday that the Beta will be going to end on May 19, 2010. Read the official post at Bungie.
  • Before the live Beta, Bungie has released one more ViDoc. This has great info on what we are going to see in the Beta. Go watch the ViDoc.
  • Go see what playlists and game modes you will se in the beta. You now can see what maps you will play in the Beta.

The beta releases to the public May 3, 2010!


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