Halo Reach: Armor Abilities

 Elders.TV gives you a look into the new updated Armor Abilities.

 Armor Abilities:

Load Outs:

Load Outs in Reach

 As you can see above looks like you pick from what Armor Ability and weapons. You can pick from Air assault, Expert Marksman, Operator, and Grander.

Armor Lock:


You can use Armor Lock for a brief time, or hold it for a longer lasting effect. But both ways you stay “rooted” to the ground. While be rooting to the ground, you deflect shot and even splatter.

Jet Packs:

 It seems like the new popular armor abilities for Reach is “Jet Pack”. While you can fly over your enemies and easily kill them in mid-air.



“Hit and Run”. That’s our new motto for Reach. You can run out of fire, and get into spots much faster.


Active Camo can be used by both Spartans and Elites. Sneak up behind a enemies and watch the good old 3rd person  assassination.

Barrel Roll:

This one is for Elites only. Dodge bullets very easy. 


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