Feast of Bones

There is a new post up at Bungie talking about the good old flood. They show you some very cool pics and how the Flood came around in the Halo universe.

Bungie said: “The array of information stored deep in the dark confines of Bungie’s inner sanctum includes the concept art and reference imagery that informed the creation of every major character and species brought to life by our lore. Thumbing through these annals is to witness to the creation of the Halo universe unfold. Humanity, the Covenant, the Forerunners, and of course, the Flood…they are all indexed here, the blueprint of their collective births preserved for all eternity.

And there are visual oddities here, as well. Crude progenitors and bizarre transmogrifications of the characters and creatures we’ve become so familiar with. Some of the most disfigured forms and some of the most fundamentally disturbing, of course, are embodied by the collective we’ve come to call, simply, the Flood.” – Bungie


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