Top 10 Easter Eggs in Halo *100th Post*

Easter is on its way so why not count down the top 10 Easter Eggs in the Halo series. All Easter Eggs are found at

#10 Chiefs Boot

A brighter highlight of MC’s left boot shows us Marcus R. Lehto, Halo’s Art Director’s initials. He is the man behind the chiefs armor skin, apparently to show the people that the armor is HIS property.

Egg by Darc3st1

#9 Delta Halo: Alternative Cut Scenes

The opening cutscene on Delta Halo changes with the difficulty. Before the grunt gets on the turrent he is playing with a different thing on each difficulty. On Heroic the grunt is playing with fire and on Legendary its playing with a Master Chief doll.

 Egg by Darc3st1

#8 Uprising: Stupid Elite

Play throush the level like you usually do(good luck on doing that) then go to the place where the brutes armory with bunch of human equipement and weapond. Blow up the wraith, then you will notice the pods dropping in your position. Go up to the nearest Elite near the waterfall. He might wave his hands and say “Hello!”

#7 Halo: Floating Dude

When you start the level, go forward and hug the wall until you come to the point where you can jump down into the soon-to-be flood infested area. Turn right and go into a small forrunner structure with a terminal to the left, and a large gap with a blue light/laser beam streaming across it. The man is at the end of the corridor, on a platform to the left. You must grenade jump, or use the gravity hammer to launch yourself (or friends) onto the support beams ahead, then simply jump to the side-platform. 

Watch Video

 Egg by beefcore

#6 Halo: Jerk Store Grunt

We all know of the Food Nipple grunt of Halo:CE, but now there is another. While riding your Warthog through the end of the level, listen to what Cortana is saying. When she says that it is 90% charged, you are getting really close. Once you start heading straight towards it look towards your right. Eventually you’ll see a grunt on a small ledge. (You’ll have to restart from the last checkpoint as you wont have enough time to go back to your hog) Walk up to it and it will say the soon to be classic line, “Hey demon, the jerk store called, and they’re all out of you!” and a few other things. He’ll then say that if you don’t kill him, he’ll shine your boots. He’ll shine your helmet. And then eventually say something about not knowing what he’s doing half the time becuase of “the gas”. Well what are you waiting for, go find him!

 Egg by Hellhunter120

#5 The Covenant: Peeing Brute

After busting into a room with a bunch of covenant you go through only to find a brute taking a leak in the corner. I enjoy assassinating this brute, he takes about 4 or 5 seconds to react to your presence.

Egg by Darc3st1

#4 Epilogue : Buck and monkey man

While watching the ending credits move the right stick to the left and you’ll see it.

Watch the video

Egg by Nemesis958

# 3 Silly Face on Windward and NMPD HQ

There is a silly face drawn on a wall on Windward, and NMPD HQ. Go to the side, or part, where an arrow is pointing off of the building. It will be section with landing pad 3. Jump off right where the arrow is on the wall, turn around, and you’ll see it as you fall to your death.

Watch the video

Egg by Gloryhawk

#2 Trailer: Spartan

If you look in the smoke of the broken frigate you will see a spartan floating.IGN said that this Spartans name is james and he was on a mission with the master chief and his thruster got shot off and he died.

 Egg by Steroidcloud

#1  Crow’s Nest: Red vs. Blue Dialouge

On the “Crow’s Nest” Level (Number 3) When you get your gear and heads towards the fight you see the warthog blow up and you fight with grunts you need to keep going straight to the dead end (instead of turning left to advance) and turn right to see a marine knocking on a door to have something said depending on difficulty, Its hilarious RvB. (Video of it)

Egg by DarkestSpade

All eggs are found at


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    Hi everybody, Happy Easter 2010!

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