Halo Wars: Leader Tips: Cutter/Arbiter


Watch out cause when he goes into rage he makes everyone run back to their base. With his double energy swords, and powerful hits, he sure is a monster.

Leader Power – Rage

Special Unit – Suicide Grunts

How to build your base for the Arbiter:

1) Start out with making one warehouse. 2) Make a temple. 3) Make 3 more warehouse’s on the 3 open slots. 4) Upgrade to citadel (this adds two more slots for the base.) 5) Build a Shield Generator 6) Lastly on the last slot you have open, make either a Hall, Factory, Summit, or another Warehouse (if your making a scarab.) Look down below to see what you should build as your army with the Arbiter.

Build your Army:

It’s all about what the other team has as their leader. Look down below to see what you should build for each leader.

Cutter: Scout out their base, and if you see a Barracks they are probably making marines/ODST. Then you need to build a Hall. Also you need to upgrade the jackals to the second upgrade (that upgrade gives them snipers SO much us full when killing marines/ODST.)

Forge: Scout out their base. If you see a Vehicle Depot, they are going to make Tanks/grizzlies. If they are doing that they make a Hall, and start pumping out Hunters. Make sure you upgrade the hunters to the 3rd upgrade before attacking.

Anders: Scout out their base. If you see a Air Pad they are going to make Hornets/Hawks. Then you should make a Summit, then start building Vampires, also you should upgrade them to the first upgrade (2nd upgrade if you would like.) Also build banshee. 

Prophet of Regret:

Make a summit and build 8 Vampires and build a Scarab.

Brute Chieftain:

Build a Hall and make 15 jackals (upgrade them to the 2nd upgrade.) Then build a scarab.

Coming Friday at 7:01 P.M. MST


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