What do you Think: New Halo 3 Map Pack

Halo Reach will be releasing sometime in the Fall, but what about Halo 3? What will keep the fans of Halo 3 busy, or even bring back players until Halo Reach releases. Well maybe Bungie will release one last map pack for Halo 3. I know this would make about the 5th map pack. The last map pack we got was on fall of 2009 with Halo 3: ODST (Map pack just recently added on Xbox Live download.) When Halo 3 was about to come out in about 1-2 months Bungie released a map pack for Halo 2. Maybe they will do the same for Halo 3. This is just a guess of mine.

What do you Think:

Do you think there will be one more map pack for Halo 3?


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