Halo Reach Multiplayer Beta Trailer Review

In the new video for Halo Reach it showed a lot of new interesting things that are going to be in the Halo Reach beta/game. In the video it showed: game types, loadouts, new assassination animations, new weapons, and something called Active Roster . In this post I will go in-depth about these new features in Halo Reach.

Game Types:

In the video it showed two new game types one of them is called HeadHunter. This looks like you must shot a player in the head to kill them. Once you kill them; flaming skulls come out, my guess is how many skulls that person gathered will appear. Who ever gets the most skulls wins. The second one is Invasion. This looks like 20 Spartans vs 20 elites go at it head to head. Seen’s this is a Multiplayer trailer, this looks like players will be playing this not a computer game type (like firefight.) Some summilar game types are also back, like Capture the Flag, King of the Hill, and Slayer.

Load Outs:

Load Outs looks like you pick active cameo, jet pack, sprint, overshield, and maybe a radar removal. Also for Elites it looks like they can do a barrel roll. This DOES not look like you pick from a class of weapons like Call of Duty.


In all of the Halo games assassinations where just you pressing “b” and then hitting the player in the back. That has changed in Halo Reach, when you assassinate a player it puts you in a 3rd person view. This will make the game more fun to play, and make people more sneaky.


 In the trailer Bungie showed us some new weapons coming out in the game. There was a gun that looks like a covenant rocket launcher, grande launcher, and a gun that looks like it shots a beam. Also Bungie showed the good old Halo postal coming back, and other weapons in the past Halo games.

Active Roster:

This looks like you MAY create your own clan in Halo Reach, just like in Halo 2. That’s all I could thing this could mean.

Our questions will be answered in the Halo Reach beta on May 3, 2010.


One comment

  1. Emery · March 16, 2010

    nice info really looking forward to it.
    just 48 days left.
    trust me it’ll go by quick. =)

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