What do you Think: Designated Marksman Rifle

Many of us know that we LOVE the Battle Rifle, but it’s most likely the BR will not be in Halo Reach. Don’t worry Bungie has replaced the BR with a gun called Designated Marksman Rifle (look down below of a picture of the gun.) The gun looks like it’s a Sniper/BR mix. The Halo community is not liking that the BR will not be in Halo Reach, and some people are taking the argument in the Bungie Forums. There’s always room for new weapons, and it’s going to be great to get a change. There is new weapons coming out beside the Designated Marksman Rifle. Also some weapons are making a come back like the Assault Rifle, and other weapons.

Designated Marksman Rifle

 What do you Think:

Which gun do you like better the BR or the Designated Marksman Rifle. Vote Now!


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