Wrap Up for February

At the end of every month you can find out important news/info that happened in the Halo Community. Also you can find out future updates to the site, and updates that have just been released.

Halo News:

A lot of news came out in February for the Halo community, and you can find everything out about the news down below.

Halo Reach: Halo Reach got its first ViDoc on 2.12.10 at X10. Bungie released a Beta date for Halo Reach. A map for the beta multiplayer was released, the map is called Powerhouse. “Halo Reach is 70% Complete” according to Edge Magazine. New blog just for Halo Reach made by Bungie.

Halo Wars: Robot Entertainment said “good-bye” to Halo Wars, and gave full control to Halo Waypoint/Microsoft.

Halo 2: Sadly Halo 2 will be discontinued on Xbox Live.

Elders.TV Site Updates:

The site has had a lot of updates. Most of the updates has come from the side bar. The side bar is more organized, and you can find Bungie recent news in the side bar as well. Elders.TV also has a Twitter, go follow. Posts on the site are more organized. Also new posts are added daily.

That’s just about it for February. Let’s see what March has in store for us!


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