X10 Halo Reach News Re-cap

This years X10 gave out a lot of info on Halo Reach. X10 was only 4 hours long, but Thursday gave out new screenshots, a new video (ViDoc1), and news for the beta. Down below is a list of news that came out for Halo Reach.

  • Release Date for Halo Reach Beta – On May 3, 2010 the Multiplayer beta for Halo Reach will be released. You get to the beta right of your Halo 3: ODST disc.
  • Halo Reach ViDoc 1 – Bungie just released on their site, and Xbox Live ViDoc 1. In this video they will be talking a lot about Halo Reach info, abd much more.
  • New Screenshots – Up on the Halo Reach project page on Bungie, there is some new screenshots for Halo Reach.

Also gaming sites like 1Up said  Reach will be the ‘Ultimate Halo’. Gamespy said ODST was, indeed, worth the price.



  1. eubykjo · February 15, 2010

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  2. 313gentleman · June 26, 2010

    I must admit that I only purchased ODST for the Halo Reach Beta and to this day I haven’t played ODST at all. Not for any other reason than Master Chief rules


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