EldersTV Weekly Update

This Weekly Update is coming a little early.

Upcoming Updates:

  • All of the Halo page’s will be worked on. The pages will be providing more information about that game and much more. This will go into effect on 1-23-10.
  • Side Bar Update: The side bars are going to be updated. One of the side bar features will be “Recently Video by EldersTV”.

Recap of the Week:

Be a Hero:

You can help the people in Haiti just by playing Halo 3 or Halo 3 ODST on Wednesday and Thursday. Also you can buy a t-shirt from the Bungie Store and Bungie will give the money to the Red Cross. Read the full article here or at Bungie.

Halo Reach Information (spoiler):

New Halo: Reach information is floating around, and there are some picture’s that looks like a guide-book for Halo: Reach. Read the full article here.

10,000 Hits on EldersTV:

Today marks the day that we hit the 10,000th view/hit on EldersTV. This is very special to us, and we would like to thank everyone who comes and visits our site for Halo news. Always remember EldersTV is your Halo Source!


We would love if you guys would comment on the posts. We like to know what you guys think. On note that does it for this Weekly Update. Come back every day for Halo news , and videos!


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