Halo Reach Information: Spoiler : Updated

Some big information is rising up around the Halo community for Halo Reach, and we here at EldersTV got you covered.

Players control a Spartan named Noble 6, part of the Noble Team. The big first for the Halo series will be an entire team of Spartans fighting the alien Covenant at the same time.
This is a prequel to Halo: Combat Evolved, and so Bungie wants the Covenant to feel dangerous again, like they did in the first game. They no longer speak in English, theres a new enemy type called Skirmishers, who attack in packs, and the Elites are back as foes.
Health packs are back, combined with regenerating health as in the original game.
More stuff happening at once: Bungie says it can now cram 40 enemies and 20 vehicles in an area at once.
New weapons: The Designated Marksman Rifle sits somewhere between sniper and battle rifle and the Needle Rifle acts like a Needler but with more accuracy and flexibility.
Sniper rifle, assault rifle and magnum pistol return, as do frag and sticky grenades. Spike and flame grenades are out.


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